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Posts From: November 2016
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Villains Of Wheels – A Car Owner’s Fear

We have all seen the good old Bollywood villains torture the hero’s family and demand a ransom from the hero in return to set his family free. Similarly, your car also deals with such villains if proper care is not taken on a regular basis. We are talking about the villains like fake spare parts, […]

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4 Awesome Apps Which Make Your Life Easy In Bangalore

We are in a world dominated by smart phones. Anything and everything we need today is right at our fingertips and we could haven’t have asked for more. We will come straight to the point without wasting any time here. We are here to talk about 5 Apps that make your life easy if you […]

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5 Important Things you Need to Know About your Car’s Health

Do you ever get long bills for your car maintenance? Do you ever wish you knew the secret to your car’s long health?(Don’t get ripped by your local mechanic. Download Fulltank App now for reasonable pricing & transparent billing.) The fact is there is no secret as such. It takes a little bit of your effort […]

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What to do if your Car Breaks Down on the Roadside?

Nothing can be as frustrating as a car break down in the middle of the road whether you are heading back home from work or to a holiday destination. It gets even worse when you cannot fix the car on your own or have to find a local garage or roadside assistance which is nowhere […]

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How to Quick Fix the Leak in a Flat Tyre?

With the evolution in technology every difficult task is getting easier to deal with. Fixing a flat tyre is one of those tasks. Imagine you are heading to work and there comes your nightmare in the form of a flat tyre. What do you do? Change it on your own? Let’s make the situation even […]