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Posts From: February 2017

5 Things to Keep in Mind When Driving a Manual

There is no special trick in driving manuals, it is actually fun compared to automatic transmission but can be exerting in heavy traffic. As most cars in India have a manual transmission and most of you would own manual transmission car now or would have owned one earlier or at least have driven one. Buckle […]

How Women can be Independent in Handling Car Issues

During a troubleshoot experience with your car you may feel confused as to what went wrong especially when you are out on the highway. In such a scenario, a 24/7 care service can serve as a great help. To assist you in such unexpected breakdown, Fulltank is here at your disposal. The service offered by […]

Car insurance

Understanding your Car Insurance Better

Insurance is an essential process that comes along with the purchase of a car. For obvious safety reasons, this serves as a great way to recover the expenses spent on the repairs of the car in case of an accident. It is a common habit that we do not read the policy in detail to […]