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5 Car Maintenance Myths Busted

Often we hear people suggesting or advising us about the car care things we already know about. But there are a few who write their own theories and bring up things that do not really work for everyone and is in best interest of your car.
So here a few car maintenance myths we have busted to make sure you don’t fall for the ill advices given by people:

1. Engine oil must be changed every 4000 odd kilometers
It might work for some people but it actually depends on the amount of running your car has done and the terrain in which you drive your car. The best possible solution is to check your car manual and follow accordingly. (Get your oil changed at your door steps. Download the Fulltank App now)

2. Inflate tires to the pressure printed on the tires
The psi digit on the side of the tire is the extreme pressure the tire will hold safely. Check for the company recommended tire pressure when you are changing the tires of your car.

3. Premium grade fuel gives better performance
Your car is built to perform well with the regular grade fuel and there will not be much of a difference if you switch from regular grade to a premium grade fuel. You may want to try it yourself.

4. Washing the car with a detergent for better cleansing
A big “No” for such an advice is what we suggest. Detergents harm the wax finish of your car though it will help in cleansing. You may succeed in washing off the dirt and other sticky marks on your car with the detergent but imagine the hole in your pocket if the wax finish is harmed. Download the Fulltank App for a Car Wash at your Door Steps.

5. Warm up your car before driving
The best way to warm up your car is to drive a few minutes at moderate speed instead of just racing your car at stand still like a race driver. It sure gives you the feel of a racing driver but it won’t warm your car.

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