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5 Easy Tips to Enhance your Car Engine Life

Engine contributes greatly to the performance of a car and it is essential that the car’s engine is maintained appropriately to get the best from it. By following simple practices you can be assured of enhancing the life of the engine and also saving money that would be spent on repairs and replacements.

Here are the simple practices you need to keep in mind to ensure that the engine runs smooth and performs well at all times.

Engine oil and air filter change:

Regular service at recommended intervals can help in maintaining the engine. Engine oil is essential for the engine to run smoothly with reduced friction. The lack of engine oil or prolonged use of the engine oil with impurities more than the recommended time may result in unnecessary wearing of the engine. (Get your car oil/ filter change with optional free pickup & drop. Download Fulltank App now )

Go easy at the start when driving:

It is only in the movies that hitting the throttle hard at the start and pushing the limits with cars looks good. When you start the engine be sure to bring the engine to the normal temperature to avoid cold start. The temperature of the engine should rise so as to ensure that the oil running through the engine is moving around swiftly and will not affect the movement of the pistons. Once the car has reached the right temperature you can get out of the gentle driving mode.

Give a minute for idling:

Let the car run on idling for a minute when you first start the engine to ensure that the cold engine slowly gets to the normal temperature. This is highly recommended for turbocharged engines as they operate at high speeds. When the turbocharged engine is cold and the hitting the throttle hard will run the engine at great speed, this may result in the turbo bearing to have a lack of oil and get worn out.

Reduce idling in traffic:

The overall life of the engine depends on its smooth running with less start-stop and idling conditions. Hence, it is a good practice to turn off the engine when the interval in traffic situations is for more than 30 seconds. This will also contribute to the fuel efficiency of your car. Sick of city traffic? (Here is the solution)

Don’t take the car for short commute:

It is best to avoid taking the car for short commute. Firstly you may end up spending more time to find a parking spot and the short span at which the engine runs will affect the engine life.

With a well-maintained engine, your car could serve you for around 2 lack kilometres. Follow these practices to get the best performance from your car and to enjoy driving comfortably at all times. For any assistance on car care and servicing needs, you can visit, where you can easily find a mechanic in Bangalore or you can get access to the best towing services in Bangalore.

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