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5 Important Things You Need To Know About Your Car’s Health


Do you ever get long bills for your car maintenance? Do you ever wish you knew the secret to your car’s long health? The fact is there is no secret as such. It takes a little bit of your effort on a timely basis to ensure your car’s health. Here are 5 basic things that every car owner should know to keep revving up the engine and in good condition.

  1. A simple tip but a very important one; regularly check oil and filter because nothing will help your engine breathe better than these two basic things. Neglecting these may cause long term damage to your car’s engine.
  2. Forget about those Bollywood movies where in the hero lifts the hood and is scene urinating to hydrate his car. It only happens in movies. Always use distilled water for your cooling system to prevent corrosion and impurities that might cause further damage to your car.
  3. You might want to keep aside your engagement or wedding ring for a while when you are bathing your car on a Sunday morning to avoid unwanted scratches. Also be sure when you let kids do the cleaning because they can make a drawing board out of your car.
  4. Check for wheel balancing once in a while. Cash in on those free check up offers by companies during festivals or as promotional activities. This will not only ensure your car’s health but also helps to cut down your maintenance cost.
  5. Brake fluid absorbs moisture due to humid weather conditions. If you reside in high humidity areas or planning for a trip to a beach resort, make sure you get the brake fluid checked for safety.

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