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5 Things to Keep in Mind When Driving a Manual

There is no special trick in driving manuals, it is actually fun compared to automatic transmission but can be exerting in heavy traffic. As most cars in India have a manual transmission and most of you would own manual transmission car now or would have owned one earlier or at least have driven one. Buckle up as we take you to the depths of the things you should keep in mind when driving manuals.

Habit: Resting left hand on the gear lever

When the gear lever is not in use you must keep your hands off the gear lever. You may need to keep your hands on the gear lever always only if you wish to drive like a race driver (Pun Intended). But usually, it is not advised to do so for obvious road safety reasons. When you have one hand on the gear lever it reduces your control over the steering and you may unintentionally contribute to wearing out of the selector fork as well.

Habit: Not shifting the gear to neutral when still

Often you might have observed when you stop at a signal that the car is left in the first gear while the car engine is still running and you have not taken your foot off the clutch. Leaving the car in gear when the engine is running will lead to wearing out of the clutch’s bearing earlier than it is supposed to serve you. Thus, it is advised to get back to neutral once you stop the car and applying the hand brake.

Habit: More throttle in higher gear and low revs

It is usually experienced that one may end up pushing the throttle more than required in higher gears to make quick progress. The solution here is to get down a gear and progress ahead if you feel the need for more power. Compared to the petrol engines, diesel engines can perform well in low revs as the power and torque are easily developed in low rpms. This allows diesel engines to cope up easily even on a higher gear. But the rule of thumb is to get to a lower gear to progress safely without exerting the engine.

Habit: Not taking the foot off the clutch pedal

For either reason of managing driving through the traffic or simply having the habit of keeping your feet on the gear pedal can be damaging to the clutch and the throw-out bearing. Thus, when the clutch is not in use, it is advised that you completely take your foot off the clutch. If needed, you can consider adding a dead pedal or foot rest to assure that your foot is not on the clutch unnecessarily.

Habit: Half clutch release to prevent rolling backwards at an incline

Mostly at an incline, the ideal power with the clutch release is used to prevent the car rolling back. Instead, it is advised that you use the handbrake to prevent the car from rolling backwards and let go of the handbrake when hitting the throttle. Though doing this may need some practice, it can come a long way in enhancing the life of the clutch plates.

The next time you are behind the wheels in a manual you know the right things to do that will contribute greatly to enhance your driving experience. If you need any assistance on car repair services you can visit to find a car wash in Bangalore or just get the right assistance to find the best “garage near me” in case of an emergency service needed for your car.

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