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Things to Consider to Make the Tyres Last Longer

Tyres contribute greatly to smooth running of your car and its maintenance is something that should be the top priority to ensure that you have a comfortable experience when driving. Though tyres have such a major role in ensuring the best performance of the car, it is generally ignored. You may have noticed that we only end up paying attention to the tyres when there is a puncture.
Regular examining of the tyre comes a long way in ensuring that the tyres serve you for a long time and do not end up spending lot of money in replacing them time and again.

Read on to know what you need to be careful of to maintain the life of the tyres.

Check the pressure
Ensure that the tyre pressure is sufficient at all times. If your car is parked for a long duration, then ensure that you get the air pressure checked frequently. When checking the air pressure in the tyre you need to ensure that the tyre is not over inflated and has just the optimum air pressure.

Get wheel alignment done

Ensure that the wheel alignment is done for your car after every 5000 kilometres. This makes sure that the tyres are balanced on the road properly and do not end up being exposed to any sort of wear and tear. Also, it is essential that the wheel alignment is done for rotating wheels, which can save the when from uneven wear and tear when used. Download Fulltank App and get your car wheel aligned – With optional Free pickup & drop

Get new valves

It is a good practice to replace the valves when you get new tyres for your car. This ensures that you do not face any problems with the valve as the valves and valve caps can also wear out in time. 100% Genuine Spares at Fulltank. Download Now (Android/ iOS) (With optional Free pickup & drop).

Additionally, you should make sure that the car is not overloaded at any time. The suggested capacity should be religiously followed to make sure the tyres are not exposed to weights more than its capacity. When driving on concrete roads it is best to drive within the speed limit as the tyres can heat up rapidly causing the tyres to wear out easily.

With these tips in mind, your car tyres can serve you better in the long run and help you enjoy a smooth drive. Visit to get car assistance anytime and anywhere. You can get access to some of the best mechanic in Bangalore or even get a driver on hire with us conveniently.

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