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Accidental Repairs

As per the Motor Vehicles Act its mandatory to own third party liability. Unlike any other property, a car in a public space can cause damage to the life and property of others.

However it should not be the only reason to buy Insurance.

The key benefits of having the car are:

  • Car insurance can help offset the loss of huge sum in the following manner:
  • Provides benefits to survivors when an accident results in death.
  • It covers lawsuits, including legal fees brought against you as the result of an accident.
  • Covers the bills of vehicle repairs due to damage caused in an accident.
  • Covers damage caused by other than an accident for example, theft, fire, etc.
  • Few Policies also provides accidental cover for the riders/ driver
  • Some of the policy offer Road Side Assistance as an added benefit


Apart of the above said benefits there are number of types of Car Insurance . These are as below.

      1. Third Party only  : Covers only
  • Damage to other Vehicle
  • Injury to other people & animals
  • Damage to other property
  • Third Party , Fire & Theft
    • Damage to other vehicle
    • Injury to Other people & Animals
    • Damage to other property
    • Own vehicle in case of loss due to fire / Theft
  • Comprehensive Cover
    • All the above and combination/standalone benefits from list below.
      • Accidental cover
      • Road side assistance
      • Key lost
    • There is new option in comprehensive
      • Zero Dep :- Through the policy  year there is no depreciation made in the claims.


Car Insurance Terms:

IDV :- Insured Declared Value:- The assumed cost of the vehicle for the purpose of Insurance. It is advisable to use the higher IDV amount while insuring your vehicle. In event of any claim you will be able to claim for higher amount as IDV is used to determine the claim amount.

Premium:- You will be paying this amount for contract of insurance .

Cover Note :-  It’s a temporary document issued by an insurance company that provides insurance coverage until a final insurance policy can be issued. A cover note is different than a certificate of insurance or an insurance policy document.

Car Insurance Policy :- It’s the document issued by the Insurance company detailing all the terms & conditions of a contract of Insurance.

Zero Dep:-  Zero depreciation cover, also called ‘zero dep’ policy, offers complete coverage without factoring in depreciation. Example if the car gets damaged following a collision, the owner will receive the entire cost from the insurer.

Policy Year: The duration of the car insurance policy is 1 year. After the end date of the policy the Insurance cover on the car doesn’t apply. It is to be renewed yearly.

Renewal:- The action of extending the period of validity of insurance contract.

Claim:- Asking for the settlement of dues toward third party or repair cost or theft of the vehicle from the Insurance Company.

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Post the purchase of the policy online the cover note will be emailed and the policy documents will be emailed or couriered as per your selection or the procedures of the Insurance provider.

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