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Benefits of Defensive Driving Which Can Save Your Life, Time & Money

What is defensive driving?

It is a set of established procedures and techniques that the driver must follow in order to safely handle a car and by means of which they avoid collisions, abuses, rollovers and all kinds of road accidents.

What does defensive driving consist of?

Defensive driving consists of acquiring knowledge of a series of situations, which changes minute by minute and requires the driver to be in a permanent state of alert thus, avoiding road accidents in spite of the wrong actions of others and the adverse conditions to your surroundings.

Defensive driving also implies acquiring an attitude of courtesy and consideration for the pedestrian, while remaining vigilant and alert to the impulsivity of children, the distraction of people and slowness of the elderly.

It is to pose security as a fundamental value.
Driving on the defensive consists of driving, anticipating all dangerous situations caused by:

1. Unsafe acts of the driver, such as fatigue, distraction, visibility, etc.
2. Unsafe acts of other drivers, such as fatigue, distraction, visibility, dangerous and unsafe driving.
3. Adverse conditions that many drivers consider unforeseen, such as: rain, fog, wind, animals on the road, detours, etc.

You must drive defensively to save time, money and protect human life, despite the actions of third parties or the conditions of their environment.

Although many people are afraid to fly or take the metros, in reality, driving a car is the most dangerous travel activity you can undertake. With more than 50,000 people killed in auto accidents each year, defensive driving is something to be taken very seriously. Not only can you practice defensive driving to save your life, but it can also provide other benefits that can save you money.

Fuel Efficiency

The biggest benefit of defensive driving is that it will help you achieve maximum fuel efficiency of your car by eliminating fast stops and accelerations, which reduces your car’s efficiency drastically.

Less accident

When you are driving defensively, you are automatically more aware of your surroundings, which will result in fewer accidents.

Greater Life of the tires

Because defensive driving means braking and smooth acceleration, the tires will have a longer life, as there will be less wear and tear on their treads.

Less engine wear in general

Another of the defensive driving benefits is that its engine did not strain during hard and fast braking accelerations.

So, practice defensive driving in order to avoid accidents and not be the cause of them. You will become a responsible and careful driver by remaining safe while driving.

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