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Benefits of Defensive Driving Which Can Save Your Life, Time & Money

What is defensive driving? It is a set of established procedures and techniques that the driver must follow in order to safely handle a car and by means of which they avoid collisions, abuses, rollovers and all kinds of road accidents. What does defensive driving consist of? Defensive driving consists of acquiring knowledge of a […]

A Great Car Care Schedule For Better Performance

Since cars have become such an essential part of our daily lives, it is important to have a proper car care schedule. Taking care of your vehicle not only means better performance, but also ensures that you spend less on your vehicle in terms of maintenance. What many people do not realise is how important […]

A Quick Guide To Fix Car Dents

Dents suck. And so does the cost to repair them. These car dents destroy the beauty of the car. But, don’t you worry! They can be repaired. If the dents are not repaired, the body of the car might get rusted or corroded. If this rust gets extended to inner areas of the car, then […]

Know Why Your Car Brakes Squeak

“Safety is our first priority”, in this reference, we cannot ignore the fact that our life is at higher risk while we are traveling. Therefore, we ought to take required precautionary measures for ensuring our safety while driving, especially in case of four-wheeler. In Bangalore, you may notice many cars running on the road and […]

How to Check your Vehicle’s Fluids

One of the simplest and most critical things you can accomplish for the lifespan of your vehicle is to guarantee that the fluids are kept at the correct level and in great condition. Performing the scheduled maintenance services addresses the state of the fluids, but on the other hand, it’s vital that the fluids stay […]

5 Things to Keep in Mind When Driving a Manual

There is no special trick in driving manuals, it is actually fun compared to automatic transmission but can be exerting in heavy traffic. As most cars in India have a manual transmission and most of you would own manual transmission car now or would have owned one earlier or at least have driven one. Buckle […]

How Women can be Independent in Handling Car Issues

During a troubleshoot experience with your car you may feel confused as to what went wrong especially when you are out on the highway. In such a scenario, a 24/7 care service can serve as a great help. To assist you in such unexpected breakdown, Fulltank is here at your disposal. The service offered by […]

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Understanding your Car Insurance Better

Insurance is an essential process that comes along with the purchase of a car. For obvious safety reasons, this serves as a great way to recover the expenses spent on the repairs of the car in case of an accident. It is a common habit that we do not read the policy in detail to […]

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5 Easy Tips to Enhance your Car Engine Life

Engine contributes greatly to the performance of a car and it is essential that the car’s engine is maintained appropriately to get the best from it. By following simple practices you can be assured of enhancing the life of the engine and also saving money that would be spent on repairs and replacements. Here are […]

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Things to Consider to Make the Tyres Last Longer

Tyres contribute greatly to smooth running of your car and its maintenance is something that should be the top priority to ensure that you have a comfortable experience when driving. Though tyres have such a major role in ensuring the best performance of the car, it is generally ignored. You may have noticed that we […]