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A Car Owner’s Nightmare

Nightmares you have being a car owner. Often we are skeptic about leaving our car at a local station under forced situations for servicing or any other repair works due to the fear of ill practices by the mechanics. And yes, most of the times these ill practices turn out to be the villains of our life, just like in a Bollywood movie.

The villains could be bogus spares, unwanted scratches on your car, improper repair works and also unorganized and rude behavior. Talking about the hefty bills for such inferior service, it is no less than the ransom demanded by the villain in the movie.
We urge you to #BeaHero and fight these villains of automobile service industry to stop the unfair service, to stop the usage of bogus products, to curb the overpriced labor charges? Download the Fulltank App for all your car related services and help us eliminate these industry villains.
Fulltank is the solution to all your car’s nightmares. Whether you are in urgent need of service, roadside assistance or genuine spare parts; Fulltank has got it all covered.

Listed below are the reasons why you should opt for Fulltank over any other options available to you.

  1. Fulltank is just a tap away. Download now
  2. Genuine spare parts are what you can get at the company outlet as well but with Fulltank you are just a click away from getting the spares at your door step.
  3. Fulltank can easily connect you with a nearest skilled mechanic and verified garages present in its vast trusted network to help you with your car asap. (Download the Fulltank App now)
  4. Spend a weekend with your family and friends and let Fulltank take care of all your car related work with free pickup and drop service.
  5. Fulltank is highly reliable when it comes to verified and courteous drivers. You may now say buhbye to those rude villains in the automobile industry. Hire a Driver at lowest prices in Bangalore.
  6. With full tank you not only get quality service but also the assurance for 2000kms or 2 months guarantee on work. Doesn’t it make you happy when someone texts you “reached home”? After a meeting. Same is the feeling here!

Participate in our fight against the villains and tweet using #BeaHero who cause just more than harm to your car.

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