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Car Wash


  • Keeping your car clean lengthens its life

Dust, dirt, sand and salt particles stick to your car and can ruin your car’s paint finish. They are culprits for rust and corrosion especially salt, which can hasten the process up to ten times more than normal.

  • Saves Money in Longer Run

Frequent car washes can prevent the build up of these particles and keep its parts and paint finish longer. This also prevents costly repairs in future and improves your vehicle’s performance.

  • Improves Driving Safety

A clean car also improves driving safety. Clean windshields and windows ensure good driving visibility & your car is more visible to other drivers on the road at night.

  • Better Performance

Clean and well maintained car parts also work and perform better. Even smaller details such as sure footing while getting in and out of your car, opening and closing car doors and operating signal lights are made safer with clean cars.


All round services for your Car:

  • Car wash (Water/ Eco)
  • Interior Cleaning
  • Exterior Cleaning
  • Rubbing Polishing
  • Paint Protection