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Know Why Your Car Brakes Squeak

“Safety is our first priority”, in this reference, we cannot ignore the fact that our life is at higher risk while we are traveling. Therefore, we ought to take required precautionary measures for ensuring our safety while driving, especially in case of four-wheeler.

In Bangalore, you may notice many cars running on the road and as these are more prone to accidents than other vehicles, safety becomes an even more important concern.

Along with following driving rules and adhering to safety requirements, one of the ways to ensure safety while driving cars or other vehicles is to see that they are properly maintained.

I am sure that you must have had experienced squeaking of brakes at some or other point of time. While most of us leave it to the experts, which we obviously should do, it’s always beneficial to have a brief idea on this problem so that we can take correct and speedy decisions to solve this.

Reasons why your brakes might squeak:

1. Rust on brake rotor: Sometimes, a layer of rust is formed on the rotors of the brakes. This happens when the surface of the rotors collects moisture after being parked overnight in the open. Therefore, you can observe this mostly in rainy climate and when there is dew in the atmosphere. It also takes place due to condensation process and so when the rotor turns, on applying brake, the pads scrape the rust off the rotors and the fine particles of rust get embedded into the leading edge of the pad and cause the squeaking sound. So next time try to park in the garage and not in open.

2. Worn out brake pads: When brake pads wear out, they become extremely thin and cause the brakes to squeal. To indicate the users that pads’ lifespan is about to end, manufacturers of the cars attach little metal tabs on the pads, which create the squeaking sound. In this scenario, you should get the pads replaced at the car repair centers.

3. High metal content: While it is essential to include a reasonable quantity of metal content in the brake pads, higher quantity especially larger chunks can cause the brakes to squeak. It is seen that low quality brake pads have significant metal content, which is not good for the long-term efficiency of the brakes. You should get new brake pads which are made of organic brake material and have only required amount of metal. You can check for the same with the car repair centers.

4. Insufficient brake lubrication: This affects the drum brakes on the rear wheels and causes them to squeak. Shoe-to-backing-plate contact points are lubricated during installation of brakes, but over time they lose lubrication and the metal begins to rust, thereby creating the squeaking noise with the rotation of the wheels. If you ever notice lot of dry dust on your brakes, get them checked by the mechanic.
Whatever the reason may be, if the brakes of your car are squeaking, you should visit a Car Repair Center quickly as you cannot afford to wait in such issues.

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