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A Quick Guide To Fix Car Dents

Dents suck. And so does the cost to repair them. These car dents destroy the beauty of the car. But, don’t you worry! They can be repaired. If the dents are not repaired, the body of the car might get rusted or corroded. If this rust gets extended to inner areas of the car, then the precious components of the car can also be damaged, which will definitely be a huge loss. Car Dents on a car might even decrease the resale value of it.

Here are some quick ways to fix Car Dents.

In clearing blockages in pipes and drains, the device which plays an active role is the plunger. It is a plastic or wooden stick attached to a suction cup made of rubber. It is also used to repair dents on a car. A large variety of plungers are available to move car dents. This plunger is preferred to remove large dents, which is free from creases and holes. We have to spatter some water on dents and plunger and pull and push for the time it pops out. Due care should be taken when using cup plunger (for sinks) instead of flange one (for toilets).

Boiled Water
It is useful in repairing or removing dents from the car. It does not require any workout or huge machinery. We only need to boil water in the pan or pot and pour it on the area of the car occupied by the dent. Due to the heat of the water, the plastic of the car regains its look and luster.

Hair Dryer and Compressed Air
At highest temperature, heat the dent of the car with a hair dryer and when the area is hot enough shake the can of compressed air, hold it upside down and spray it over the dent, continue spraying the region until the metal pops back to its original shape. Wipe the liquid residue with a soft cloth.

Dry Ice
Among different methods of repairing car dents, one of the methods is using dry ice. Heat the area with a hair dryer and cover the dent with a aluminium foil. Wearing a glove to protect your hands, rub dry ice over the dented area over the aluminium foil until you hear a pop of the metal. Once it is done, remove the foil and dispose it off.

Vacuum Cleaner or Pot
To repair the dent you will require a vacuum cleaner, a pot and a tape. Create a small hole at the bottom of the pot and tape it over the dent. Place the hose of the vacuum cleaner over the hole in the pot and turn on the vacuum cleaner and keep the hose stuck to the pot until you hear the pop of the metal.

Car dent is not a big issue. There are so many ways to repair them. Use any of these methods and get rid of the dents in no time!

But, sometimes these DIYs might not work if the damage is severe and in those times its best recommended to visit a car service center. They provide services that not only repair dents but also the whole car efficiently.

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