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Understanding your Car Insurance Better

Insurance is an essential process that comes along with the purchase of a car. For obvious safety reasons, this serves as a great way to recover the expenses spent on the repairs of the car in case of an accident. It is a common habit that we do not read the policy in detail to understand how, when and where we can take advantage of the policy and get the benefits of car insurance.
Read on to know the basics of your car insurance policy and how it is helpful for you.

  1. Car insurance policy defines the car as insured and not the drive or the owner. In case of a mishap and damage to the car, the insurance company in case of a third party company is liable to bear the financial liability. (Compare & buy car insurance in just a tap)
  2. To ensure that you get covered for damages to your vehicle, you can choose a comprehensive or package policy insured by third party companies.
  3. In insurance terms, the word you may find the word depreciation across different place if you read through the policy. The term depreciation simply means the decrease in the value of your vehicle over the years due to normal usage or daily wear and tear.
  4. No Clam Bonus should be understood in case you opt for a comprehensive insurance policy. If you do not make any claims during the policy year, then you are liable to get a discount on a part of the total premium when renewing it or a portion of the premium covering the damage.

Renewing insurance could be a task but is made simple with our online service. We offer you with online insurance schemes that offer you with easy renewals and payments. At Fulltank you can avail car care services like a driver on hire or towing in Bangalore along with the ease of easy insurance payments. (Know more and buy now)

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