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Villains Of Wheels – A Car Owner’s Fear

We have all seen the good old Bollywood villains torture the hero’s family and demand a ransom from the hero in return to set his family free. Similarly, your car also deals with such villains if proper care is not taken on a regular basis. We are talking about the villains like fake spare parts, overpriced labor charges, unjustified bills, scratches or dents at a service station due to negligence etc. which all lead to big unjustified bills and make a hole in your pocket.
With Fulltank you can now beat these villains and #BeAHero by supporting and helping us to serve you better.

Fulltank intends to help you get rid of the worry you have when you leave your car in local garage or need immediate assistance in the middle of the road, when your car breaks down or any other issues regarding your car. And to do so, Fulltank has come up with the following disrupting services:

  1. Fulltank has introduced its app for both Android and iOS users which you can download right here. Android (; iOS ( The next time you are stuck in the middle of the road, you are a just a tap away from help.
  2. Say no the unskilled labor in a local garage that might end up causing more problems to your car’s health. Opt for skilled and well behaved Fulltank appointed personnel who take proper care of your car.
  3. Duplicate spare parts cause more harm than just a quick fix for your car. No worries, Fulltank has got that covered.
  4. You no longer have to deal with unjustified hefty bills as Fulltank provides complete transparency when it comes to service and the payment.
  5. A local mechanic has his timings of work during a day and may not answer your call when you are in urgent need but with Fulltank you get 24×7 service assistance.

There is much more that Fulltank intends to do to defeat these villains but it needs you to #BeAHero and fight against these villains. Tweet, post and share using #BeAHero and kill the villains. #GoCashless and pay online for all your car related services.

You can let us know more about your problems by taking this quick survey with 5 questions (link) and get 71% off on your car wash with free pickup and drop service.


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