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Your Car’s Villain


Often we are seen ranting about the villains in our life to our friends and family members. Have you ever thought about the villains that cause problems to your car? Have you ever thought what would your car do since it cannot communicate when it is facing problems? It’s difficult to understand, isn’t it? But with Fulltank it isn’t!
Fulltank understands the problems faced by your car due to the villains like improper service, fake spare parts, unfinished repair etc. Fulltank is the friend your car needs when it is facing problems and is a doctor when your car needs to heal due to the pain caused by the villains.
Fulltank urges you to #BeaHero and fight along to defeat these villains in the auto industry that cause damage to your car. To do so, Fulltank offers you convenient services that are listed below:

  1. Say buhbye to the rude mechanics and opt for skilled and well behaved personnel who will treat your treat your car like a baby. And when your baby needs care, Fulltank is at your service 24×7. All you have to do is tap using the app. Android and iOS
  2. You can now avoid the hassle of waiting in the queue to leave your car for servicing at your dealer’s station as Fulltank provides door pickup and delivery service to save more time and make it convenient for you. Get car repairs and general service with Free pickup and drop.
  3. You may now stop worrying about the duplicate parts as Fulltank assures 100% genuine spares. Fulltank also provides you the option of tracking the progress of your car’s servicing so that you know exactly the time you will receive your car.
  4. Fulltank helps you beat the unjustified bills and also offers you to save up to 50% on periodic servicing. Download the Fulltank App
  5. To ensure you do not face repeated problems, Fulltank provides 2000kms or 2 months guarantee* on work which you don’t get at an unorganized local garage.

There is a lot more Fulltank can do to help you beat the villains in your car’s life but it will need you to #beahero and support Fulltank in the cause.

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